Fixing Windows 10 Printer Problem

If you are using windows 10 with a printer, you might be aware of all the issues generated while using the printer. Thus, Microsoft decided to fix the printer problems associated with windows 10. This problem started after the latest update of Windows 10. These issues are not usual but a greater number of people are tending to have such issues. The reason is that Windows cannot print with the current printer setup.

Many printers seemed to be affected so as HP. But, if you contact HP Printer Repair North Carolina, you might get free from this problem.

In fact, after some days of confusion, Microsoft has accepted the issue.

Main Reason Behind the problem?

Basically, the problem is not clear but the issue overlays. However, the local print spooling issue looks to move users printing to network printers.

Now, let’s start the methods to resolve it:

Step 1: Open the Printers control panel

• Search for printers in the Windows 10.

• Search for the box and you have to select Devices and Printers from the list of results. You will see that this will open the Devices and Printers Control Panel pane.

Step 2: Troubleshoot a connected printer

• Check the window for your printer, if it’s there, you have to right-click it and choose Troubleshoot from the menu.

• Now, follow the on-screen instructions for troubleshooting the printer.

Step 3: Check if your printer is installed

• If the Windows 10 troubleshooting doesn’t work, the next step is to check whether it’s been installed or not.

• Now, you have to click on the Start button and go to Settings - Devices - Printers & scanners.

• If you can’t find your printer, click on the Add a printer or scanner option and make sure it’s connected to your PC and switched on.

Step 4: Tell Windows 10 to search for an older printer

If your printer is detected, follow the instructions to install it.

Step 5: Install the printer manually

You can also install the printer manually, if you are not able to install printer over windows 10.

Step 6: Try the Windows 8 driver

If printer is not working then you have to try windows 8 driver.

Step 7: Try the last resort — remove Windows 10

If nothing works, then the last option is to remove the windows 10 and installed windows 8.

Conclusion –

If you find the problem persisting, you can contact the nearby HP Printer Repair in North Carolina. I hope this article helped you in resolving your issues.

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